Thank you for a Wonderful First Season!

Thank you to all of the amazing instructors and participants who joined us for the first season of Portland Outdoor Gym. Things didn’t always go smoothly, but community feedback has shown everyone involved that this is a concept worth nurturing. Please stay tuned to our website and Facebook for more information on upcoming Portland Outdoor Gym events and next season’s schedule.

Outdoor Fitness Classes in Back Cove Portland Maine

The Portland Outdoor Gym is operated by local fitness professionals, personal trainers, and group fitness instructors. It began as a side project of Kickstand Fitness and quickly grew into a 20+ class schedule per week spear-headed by leaders of the Portland, Maine fitness community. The Portland Outdoor Gym consists of a weekly exercise class schedule in outdoor spaces all around Portland, Maine. Affordable unlimited monthly and weekly memberships are available here.

Outdoor Exercise Classes Eastern Prom Portland Maine

Outdoor Fitness Classes in Deering Oaks Park Portland MaineThe Portland Outdoor Gym is a schedule of low-cost outdoor fitness classes offered Spring through Fall in picturesque outdoor Maine locations like the Eastern Prom, Deering Oaks Park, Payson Park and Back Cove. We offer a diverse and expansive fitness class schedule complete with boot camps, yoga, strength training, dance, speed work, agility, balance and stabilization classes.

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